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Modern Filipino Martial Art

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Self-Defense for Women and Men

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Weapon Training

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K.A.E. DO Competition

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Law Enforcement Tactics

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Riot Concepts

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Self-Defense Fighting Fitness

Latest News

  • KAE DO Defense

    KAE DO Defense

    KAE DO Defense is a self-defense fighting fitness class which aims the automatisation of self-defense movements while improvins one’s fighting fitness. The course are orientated on self-defense themes which change every trimestre. Join us!

  • Instructor seminar

    Instructor seminar

    Congratulations to Jean & Ricardo who successfully passed their Yellow Belt Grading Test! We had an intensive Instructor Seminar with theme Yellow Belt 1St Class the 4 & 5.06.2017. In total 10hours intensive training. Now it’s time for repeating and master this program in order to pass the next belting test. Good luck, train hard